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Nuclear Regulatory Commission – NRC

About The Nuclear Regulatory Commission – NRC

The NRC is a commission formed by Congress in the mid 1970’s to regulate and use Nuclear Materials in a safe manner for the benefit of the public.  This commission has enacted important regulations to properlay monitor Nuclear Power Plants, Hazerdous Waste, and Nuclear materials.  The structure of the NRC is basically led by a 5 person board or commision.  The NRC is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, but other locations exist throughout the United States.

The NRC employed 3,412 federal workers in Decemebr of 2016. The majority, 1,598 work in the engineering field. They also employ 359 in the physical sciences, 634 in federal administraion, clerical, and office services. Small numbers work in numerous other support occupations. The federal salary and benefits are generaous and many seek these highly desirable federal jobs.

The focus of the commission is reator safety, licensing, nuclear material regulation, and hazardous waste management and safety.  Reactors, nuclear power plants, medical facilities etc. must store and utilize nuclear materials in order to maintain safety to the public.  For this reason radiation protection remains an important role for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Public safety is a mojor concern for the commission to make sure regulations are followed and used properly.

Nuclear Security

Nuclear security has many aspects including regulating proper licensing, safety of our environment, information security, security of nuclear waste, and radioactive material regulation and oversight.  Security could involve dealing with national nuclear threats and sabotage.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission must monitor safety of nuclear power plants, reactors, hazerdous redioactive waste, facilities, and radioactive materials.  Some of the following links for more Nuclear Security related information:

Nuclear Reactors

Power Reactors actually generate aproxiamately 20% of our nations electric power.  There are over 100 power reactors in the USA.  There are currently two types of power reactors pressurized water reactors and boiling water reactors.  There are also a number of research and test nuclear reactors in the US.  Follow the links below for more reactor information from the NRC.

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