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Performs professional engineering and scientific work involving designing, developing, testing, evaluating, installing, operating, or maintaining of enterprise applications used by Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.
Location: Washington Naval Yard, DC

Contact: (800) 378-4559, E-Mail: [email protected]   
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Our mission is to help job seekers find nuclear jobs and detailed career information for the largest employers and their job requirements in the Nuclear Industry . Our site includes information on entry level, mid level, and senior level nuclear job positions. Requirements for Nuclear Careers may vary depending on the position and your educational background.  Please check each listing closely for these requirements. Bookmark our site and check back often for the most up to date nuclear job postings available.

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There are a variety of job categories in the Nuclear Industry.  While many nuclear facilities have a variety of specialized nuclear jobs, there are also general business and professional jobs such as accountants and administrative staff that are needed for support positions at nuclear facilities.  Nuclear operators, Nuclear Medicine, and Nuclear Engineers are just some of the positions that this growing industry has to offer.  For Example, About 17,000 Nuclear Engineering jobs exist in the USA as of a recent survey and this number is growing.  Listed below are the primary  nuclear occupational categories:

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Our Nuclear Jobs Board allows you to find Nuclear Employment by city and state.  Feel free to enter the job of choice in the what box.  If you wish you can enter a city or state in the where box to narrow your search.  Visit our Nuclear Job Board often for the most up to date job postings. Bookmark our site to find us easier in the future. 

Those seeking nuclear jobs can also explore abundant federal job opportunities. They hire physicists, regulatory, safety and many other related occupations. Federal salary and benefits are generous.

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Listed below are just a sample of the many Nuclear Job Opportunities listed on Go to our Jobs Board to find jobs in your specialty and you local area.

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Find earnings outlooks, nature of work, wages, and job descriptions for several important careers in the nuclear industry. 

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